So going through some of these parts that I need to dispose of here at work, I found a broken drill transmission with some pretty cool gears in it… I’m thinking of incorporating them into a Steampunk crochet doll! When inspiration hits you, go with it!!!

These are two dolls I made for my nieces! I think they are super cute!

I freehanded them, though my style is influenced on that of Ohana Craft’s. I shared them with her on Facebook and she really liked them. That is a huge compliment for me, since I really LOVE her work.

About to box these up and ship these out to two very excited little girls!

Meet Yan the Yoddling Yeti!

I’ve been sick on the couch this weekend, trying to catch up on some WIP’s . this little guy kind of formed out of nothing. I wanted to make a monster. that turned into wanting a yeti… which lives in the mountains… I bet he would Yoddle… WeinerSnitzle!

Yeah… thats pretty much my creative thought process. :3 Hope you like him!

So I’ve gotten a couple emails so far “Where have you been? We haven’t seen a post from you in a while!”

I appreciate all the love and support lately. I’ve been dealing with a pretty serious health issue. Thankfully I have a pretty big support base of family and friends around me and I’ve gotten through a pretty rough patch recently. Suffice to say, crochet has not been top priority, but I’m getting back to a few more of my projects and hope you guys will like what I’m working on.

I’ll be posting some pictures of working in progress this weekend as well as some ideas for future projects I need some input on. Thanks for the Support guys and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

As I stated earlier… here is what I was working on today.  I got the idea searching through Google images today! Goats are my favorite animals EVER!!!! One day… I will have a pet pigmy fainting goat… and I will love him… with all my heart… and I will only laugh a tiny bit when people scare him… only a tiny bit…